Produce Your Own Green Energy

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could generate our green energy? If we can do that, we won’t have to pay for energy bills or petrol for our cars any longer.

Take, for example, solar or wind energy. We already know how to harness and create it. If you want to make this energy, do some research online and then build your system.

To have solar electricity, you’ll need to buy an inverter, a battery, a charge controller, solar panels, some wiring, and a support structure. The only difference between wind energy and solar energy is that you need a fan. You can put everything together once you have everything you need.

If you lack expertise, you will be relieved to learn that a few organizations sell the entire system. If you buy it from them and have it installed by their experts, you can be confident that there will be no problems when you switch it on.

There is one more requirement before you can use one of the two green energy sources. Better make sure you have a flat area of at least a hundred square feet before purchasing the supplies or the system, as it takes up a lot of room.

Another option is to produce biofuels for those who do not have the space or the budget to utilize these energy sources.

Biofuels are utilized in many countries, and they get it from harvesting corn, sugar, and additional crops. Fortunately, you don’t need a farm to make it, as you can make your own utilizing some recycled waste.

A great example of this is vegetable oil which we utilize for cooking. To turn this into biofuel, we first filter it by warming the liquid and then filtering this with a coffee filter. The following step is to remove the water by boiling it again at 100 degrees for a short time.

We have to know the amount of lye present in the vegetable oil, and we do this by a process called titration. When we’re finished with that, we now mix sodium hydroxide to make sodium methoxide. The method of converting used vegetable oil takes quite a while, and it must be heated the whole time.

By creating our green energy sources, we make ourselves less dependent upon gas in its various forms to power our heater, home, or auto. Why don’t a lot of individuals do it? Well, merely because they don’t have the time to make it and would instead rely on somebody else to do it for them.

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